Bass Pro Shops

Modernizing this multi-billion dollar outdoor legend.

My Role

Senior UX Designer

The Team

6 UX Designers
1 Developer
1 QA
1 UX Researcher

Tools Used



1+ Years

My Process


I discover the genuine needs and wants of the user through research and interviews. I consider what they say, think, do and feel.


I decide which problems we will focus on by creating user personas, user stories, user journey maps, and problem statements.


This is where the fun begins. We take our list of problems and begin to find solutions. We stay open-minded and focus on the user.


Creation begins! Using Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite, we start actually building our solutions with pixel-perfect prototypes.


We put our designs in front of stakeholders and users in the real world. Our user testing helps us polish the product to near perfection.


Implement best UX practices and modernize an outdated digital experience.

Takeaways from User Research


Older demographic.

A large part of our user base is above the age of 55.

I realized how important it was to adhere to ADA standards for usability.


Users loved the stores... hated the site.

It became obvious very quickly that our digital experience was inferior to the incredible experience provided in our brick and mortar stores.

I realized we needed to find a way to bring delight to users online the same way we were in-store. 


Too much copy!

Moderated interviews with users really highlighted an excess of copy. Most of the site design was dictated by marketing and you could tell!

I realized that we would need to create a design system that marketing and digital creative could use to easily build templates and pages in a way that met our usability and brand  standards without it becoming a burden.

The Results

New shopping paradigm led to a 12% Boost in Conversion on PLPs

User testing revealed that popular sub categories were buried deep in the filters which was a horrible experience especially on mobile. I implemented a new tile carousel component which surfaced the most popular sub categories so users could find what they wanted faster. Our most popular category (ammunition) saw a 12% conversion which has led to multiple million dollars in sales.

Updated hero design for the win.

Our home page started to look like a catalog in a magazine and was filled with bad practices like including text in graphic images instead of using live text. I redesigned the homepage hero to be robust, user friendly, and down right beautiful.

A user-friendly header and menu system.

The global header took up way too much room, highlighted the wrong things, and led to confusion. I ran a design challenge with the team to update the header and now leadership has decided to move forward with the new design.

Final Thoughts

Working at such a large corporation has been a fun and interesting challenge. I have developed skills in leadership, stakeholder communications, mentoring, defining and bettering process and more.

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