A cutting edge coffee subscription.

My Role

Lead UX/UI
Creative Director

The Team

2 UX/UI Designers
7 Developers

Tools Used

Adobe CC


1 Week Research + Ideate
2 Weeks Prototyping

My Process


I discover the genuine needs and wants of the user through research and interviews. I consider what they say, think, do and feel.


I decide which problems we will focus on by creating user personas, user stories, user journey maps, and problem statements.


This is where the fun begins. We take our list of problems and begin to find solutions. We stay open-minded and focus on the user.


Creation begins! Using Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite, we start actually building our solutions with pixel-perfect prototypes.


We put our designs in front of stakeholders and users in the real world. Our user testing helps us polish the product to near perfection.


Give subscribers a great deal of control while keeping the process simple and fun.

Takeaways from User Research


They wanted control.

Customer surveys revealed that 86% of users liked having the control to adjust the finite details of their subscriptions.

I realized that these features were worth saving.


They were confused.

User testing revealed that most new users got confused and even frustrated when trying to onboard because of all the options and controls.

I realized we would have to simplify the onboarding process and subscription manipulation screens. It was clear that users liked having control but the design was causing more trouble than good. If I could design a better UI, we could increase user satisfaction and conversion rates at the same time.


Up their coffee game.

I met with over 50 active users and through a series of jobs-to-be-done style interviews, I discovered a phrase repeated over and over again. Almost every customer, when asked to explain their journey to signing up, used the phrase, “I wanted to up my coffee game.”

I realized that marketing efforts and on-site language should use this phrasing. Not only did we see a 36% increase in conversion but we noticed a top competitor suddenly using the same term on their home page.

The Results

In testing, 98% of users agreed the new design was “way” easier to use. With A/B testing, we saw that new users were 3x more likely to onboard and did so twice as fast with half as many clicks.

Final Thoughts

Craft coffee is a passion of mine. It was a real honor to get to work on this project. It was a good lesson in psychology when it comes to subscriptions. It’s easy to think people want every possible option in the world but at the end of the day, they just want to click a button, know how much they are spending every month, and just get their dang coffee. It helped me take complex requirements and simplify them way down.

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