A very Portland bathroom remodeling company.

My Role

Lead UX Designer
Lead Web Designer

The Team

1 Designer
1 Copywriter

Tools Used

Figma + Adobe CC


3 Weeks Branding
4 Weeks Website

My Process


I discover the genuine needs and wants of the user through research and interviews. I consider what they say, think, do and feel.


I decide which problems we will focus on by creating user personas, user stories, user journey maps, and problem statements.


This is where the fun begins. We take our list of problems and begin to find solutions. We stay open-minded and focus on the user.


Creation begins! Using Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite, we start actually building our solutions with pixel-perfect prototypes.


We put our designs in front of stakeholders and users in the real world. Our user testing helps us polish the product to near perfection.


Design and a build a modern website for an outdated industry.

Takeaways from User Research


Hold their hands.

When talking to past clients and those looking to get their bathrooms remodeled, we saw they preferred the white glove approach. They liked having a rep visit them personally and walk them through the whole process.

I realized we needed to include plenty of imagery of customers being assisted in person on the site. I wanted to get the idea across that we would hold their hand throughout the entire process.


Older the better.

Market research revealed that in the Portland area, a majority of homeowners interested in a remodel were over the age of 55. In 2020, 52 percent of homeowners who renovated their home were from the Baby Boomer generation in the United States.

I realized the site had to feature older individuals and families and make older ones comfortable growing the site. Older folks use websites a little differently than younger ones. For instance, where younger ones may be very comfortable with and even prefer chats, often times older ones go straight for the phone number.


They wanted clean.

While conducting interviews with past clients of competitors, one major complaint was that their installers were “dirty,” “smoked a lot,” or “left a big frikkin mess” (my personal favorite.) 

I realized we would have to portray cleanliness throughout the site. We went with a nice light blue and white color palette to help with this. We also used the terms clean and smoke-free through the site.

The Results

A fresh and modern remodeling site that set FastBath apart in a very competitive city.

Final Thoughts

Designing and building something that targeted a slightly older generation was really great practice for me. When we think of accessibility, we often focus on the blind or disabled. But age is another important piece of the puzzle.

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