Solving the long meeting dilemma.

My Role

Lead Product Designer
Project Lead

The Team

1 Founder
2 UX/UI Designers

Tools Used

Adobe CC


2 Weeks Branding
3 Weeks Prototyping

My Process


I discover the genuine needs and wants of the user through research and interviews. I consider what they say, think, do and feel.


I decide which problems we will focus on by creating user personas, user stories, user journey maps, and problem statements.


This is where the fun begins. We take our list of problems and begin to find solutions. We stay open-minded and focus on the user.


Creation begins! Using Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite, we start actually building our solutions with pixel-perfect prototypes.


We put our designs in front of stakeholders and users in the real world. Our user testing helps us polish the product to near perfection.


Help companies waste less time, energy and money on meetings.

Takeaways from User Research


They agreed.

FaceBook surveys showed that 75% of professionals felt they spent too much time in meetings and that 84% wished their meetings were more organized and concise. Also, business owners and department leaders voiced concern over meetings being “unproductive” and a source of wasted time and money.

I realized that both those conducting the meetings and those attending meetings had the same concern. With buy-in from management and team members, we knew we had something special.


We must integrate.

Conducting qualitative research and sitting down with stakeholders and users, we saw that there was no way they would switch over from using their current calendars, meeting platforms or communications tools.

I realized our app would have to integrate with all major tools used around conducting meetings.


Help them do more.

Over and over again, we heard that the primary concern from both parties was the waste of time. Employees would voice that after a long, drawn-out meeting, they didn’t even want to work the rest of the day.

I realized that marketing efforts and in-app language should focus on the fact that with us, they would be able to get more done and feel better about themselves.  This would encourage both managers and employees alike.

The Results

A sleek app that integrates with Google Calendar and Zoom to easily add agendas to meetings and quickly shows managers how much a meeting is costing them.

Final Thoughts

I personally have worked with founders who set a really bad standard for conducting meetings. People who don’t need to be there just sit in agony, productivity plummets, and time and money are wasted to an embarrassing degree. Designing Uhgenda was not only fun but I learned a lot and I felt like I was truly helping people. People who want to be their best at work. People like me.

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