The crypto marketplace we've been waiting for.

My Role

Senior Product Designer

The Team

3 Product Owners
7 Developers

Tools Used

Adobe CC


6 Weeks Research + Ideate
8 Months Prototyping

My Process


I discover the genuine needs and wants of the user through research and interviews. I consider what they say, think, do and feel.


I decide which problems we will focus on by creating user personas, user stories, user journey maps, and problem statements.


This is where the fun begins. We take our list of problems and begin to find solutions. We stay open-minded and focus on the user.


Creation begins! Using Figma and the Adobe Creative Suite, we start actually building our solutions with pixel-perfect prototypes.


We put our designs in front of stakeholders and users in the real world. Our user testing helps us polish the product to near perfection.


Build a marketplace that only accepts cryptocurrencies.

Takeaways from User Research


Transparency rules.

It became very apparent very quickly that the crypto holders that would be interested in a marketplace like this were also very interested in transparency. Web 3 and blockchain evangelists are, of course, concerned about transparency.

I realized transparency would have to be baked into every aspect of the marketplace. We would show great detail as to where products came from, who made them, and how they got here. I even designed a way to include carbon offset fees on each order with a breakdown of exactly how much carbon was used and how we were reversing it.


Crypto isn't currency.

I incentivized the user base of another company I did work for to have a short chat if they were “into crypto.” After having days of great conversations, I found that a vast majority of crypto holders strictly viewed it as an investment and had a very small percentage of their portfolio in it.

I realized we would have to hyper-focus on the value of web 3 and cryptocurrency in general in order to help convert these “investors” to try actually spending their crypto.


Up-hill battle.

One insightful question I asked every subject was, “do you think crypto will be the future”? Almost all of them agreed that it would be commonplace BUT that it had an up-hill battle to get there. They predicted that there would be a few years time where it would slow down and go through an “awkward” period.

I realized that our designs should give an overwhelming sense of green, sustainability and freshness. We should use visual queues to give the sense of a flattening out of the hill that stands between us and living a truly decentralized life.

The Results

A beautiful and modern marketplace that accepts over 50 different cryptocurrencies.

Final Thoughts

This was the first time I dipped my toe in the crypto water. Learning about the benefits of Web3 and decentralization was really exciting. Designing a marketplace that married a fresh, sustainable e-commerce site with the complex world of fin-tech and the new age of decentralized finance (it was a polygamous marriage, I guess) was a fun challenge.

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